Promoting the participation of informal sector actors in economic, policy and legislative processes

Vendors Initiative for Social and Economic Transformation VISET

Who We Are

Vendors Initiative for Social and Economic Transformation (VISET) is a union of informal traders with structures throughout Zimbabwe.

The organization was formed and registered as a Trust in 2015 to spearhead the social and economic transformation of street vendors by championing their quest to earn livelihoods in the current harsh economic circumstances. Furthermore, the organization was formed pursuant to the need for a solidarity centre for street vendors who continue to be victims of human rights violations. The organization has a national membership database of over 68 000 vendors located in all major cities, towns and growth points in Zimbabwe

In November 2019, the organisation established a Chapter in Namibia as part and parcel of its regional expansion programme. Plans are at an advanced stage to set up similar Chapters in South Africa, Zambia, the Kingdom of eSwathini, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya

What We Do


— We Organize

Organizing vendors into Socio-Economic Champions (SOCHAMPs) across the country.


— We Build Networks

Creating platforms for engagement between vendors, solution holders and other relevant stakeholders.


— We Strengthen

Building the capacities of SOCHAMPs to engage solution holders on issues affecting them and to do business profitably.


— We Educate

Enhancing vendor’s access to profitable markets and capital


— We Research

Conducting research on the ongoing trends in the vending fraternity to facilitate evidence based advocacy.


— We Provide Care

Providing safety nets to vendors to cushion them from adverse consequences of human rights violations that occur in the enterprise.

Impact Stories

Viset promotes economic resilience-U.S. Embassy in Zimbabwe

The organization has responded by designing programs to protect vendors from police brutality and unlawful detention. The safety net has been supported by organizations such as the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights who have been representing vendors in courts free of charge since most of them cannot afford legal fees.

On Covid 19 — Samuel Wadzai-VISET Director

We hope that we are also playing our small part in contributing to curbing the spread of Covid-19.We are also trying to ensure that our members get all the information and health packs to ensure that they interact with traders from clean spaces.