Informal Economy Formalisation Strategy Development – A Step in the Right Direction

Vendors Initiative for Social and Economic Transformation (VISET) is currently involved in the validation process of data compiled under the Formalisation Strategy being spearheaded by government through the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare with able assistance of development partners.

We welcome the transparent process through which the Ministry has conducted the process thus far, where they have sought to collaborate with Informal Economy Associations at every stage of the exercise.

It is important to note that as Informal Economy Actors, we are key players who will be instrumental in ensuring that this process has the required buy-in of all concerned in order to make it a success. Whilst for some ministries in government the interest is fiscal monetary gain, for us as players at the cauldron of a tough socio-economic environment, our interests are many and include provision of decent work, social safety nets, recognition of trade skills, infrastructure development including access to technology, climate change and financial inclusion, we will strive to ensure our membership’s interests are safeguarded.

VISET would however like to place on record that it is exercising caution on the exercise until the process is completed and the final policy and its recommendations are fully implemented as per the views that were gathered during the outreach phase. The reason why we urge caution and vigilance is that over the years, the country has never fallen short of excellent policies, but what has always been the sticking point has been implementation and adherence.  Examples include the economic blueprint, ZimAsset which was abandoned mid way, and the national constitution of 2013, whose key provisions such as the devolution principle are yet to be fully implemented, along with the alignment of several pieces of legislation.

VISET will continue to be fully engaged in the process and is also appreciative of the cordial relations it has established with Ministry officials and avails itself to assist in any way possible in order to make this Formalisation Process a success.

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