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Adieu 2022…………………………………. As We Welcome 2023!

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The year 2022 brought a lot of memorable, exciting and fulfilling moments to the Vendors Initiative for Social and Economic Transformation (VISET). A lot of lessons were learnt and massive achievements accomplished towards the social and economic transformation of Informal Economy Workers and the communities we serve.

We managed to create new but solid partnerships with important stakeholders in the informal economy ecosystem. We spearheaded the full actualisation of the Informal Economy Women’s Hub (INHEWO) to become a fully functional information and ideas-sharing platform for Women in the Informal Economy. The Hub now has of a strong 2505 membership across the country!

We have continued to challenge and defend our members against the various human rights abuses orchestrated by municipal police on one hand and the state security apparatus on the other. We will continue to champion the full democratization of the Governance of the Informal Economy without fear or favour.

We played a central role during the development of the formalization strategy for Zimbabwe. We ensured that our members, despite resource limitations, participated in the process and that their voice is heard. 

At the regional stage, we witnessed the remarkable growth of our sister union in the Republic of Namibian, VISET Namibia Chapter. We salute their resolve and determination to support the growth and development of the informal sector in that country. In 2023 two more VISET Regional Chapters will be established in The Kingdom of ESWATHINI and Mozambique.

Internationally, we participated in various meetings and conferences that allowed us to share the Zimbabwean Informal Economy story and building important networks in the process.

Finally, we instituted various research interventions including Unpaid Care and Domestic Work, Youth Employment and Informality in Zimbabwe, Women and Cross Border trading to mention a few. Research and learning is at the centre of our programmatic thrust as VISET, we can only but to improve on this in 2023.

To that end we would like to salute our members, The SOCHAMPS, for their dedication and handwork. We will continue to support them as we endeavor to circumnavigate the difficult operating environment.

To all the stakeholders in the informal economy ecosystem, we cherish your time, expertise, resources and information that has allowed VISET to grow to be where we are since formation.

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