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1. Accountability Lab Zimbabwe

AL Zimbabwe was established in 2020 and will work with women, exemplary civil servants and youth to advance peaceful development, encourage citizen participation and inclusion, and develop more accountable institutions.

Integrity Icon: An annual campaign established with the explicit goal of bringing Zimbabweans from every province into a positive conversation about integrity, ethics and accountability.

Civic Action Teams: Creating a space for collaborative evidenced-based dialogue between community members and those in positions of power in communities so that they may jointly address and solve community specific problems.

Accountability Incubator: Our incubators support young “accountapreneurs” (accountability entrepreneurs) who develop innovative, bottom-up ideas for accountability and anti-corruption. Accountapreneurs will receive mentorship and network-building, quarterly training, knowledge sharing, sustained communications, fundraising and advocacy support.

Voice2Rep: A first-of-its-kind music competition searching for underground and undiscovered music artists who support greater representation, participation and accountability.

3. National Association of Youth Organizations NAYO

The Association in undertaking its work is an active voice and representative for Youth being the Global Youth Coordinator for CSOs Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE), Regional Youth Coordinator for SADC-AAYC, and at the local level as National Youth Sector Chairperson with the National Association of NGOs (NANGO). NAYO is premised on the notion that youth have an integral role to play in the development of the nation; a voice and platform throughout the spectrum of Zimbabwean societal concerns. The growing marginalization of youth, increasing unemployment of youth and social exclusion, gender-based violence and inequalities, and the vulnerability of youth and women to HIV and AIDS, among other key issues, prompted youth organizations to seek a common platform to address these challenges in 2011. NAYO Africa places immense value on the diversity of people and ideas in order to achieve the highest possible standards. The association is registered and operates under the Laws of Zimbabwe.


The SouthernDefenders embodies an ironclad commitment to protecting human rights defenders (HRDs) in the face of attacks and shrinking civic space, both offline and online. It coordinates regional efforts to provide rapid, practical, comprehensive, and inclusive protection support to HRDs at high risk, defend civic space, and empower HRDs to mitigate the effects of repression. To this end, the SouthernDefenders contribute to the respect and recognition of HRDs as legitimate actors and agents of social change with universally recognized and constitutionally guaranteed rights.

SouthernDefenders is a registered non-profit organization in South Africa and is governed by a constitution which establishes a secretariat and a management committee composed of members largely drawn from Steering Committee members and representatives of vulnerable groups such as persons with disabilities and under-represented communities. The SouthernDefenders has received the United States (US) Equivalence Determination Certification making it the equivalent of a public charity in the US. 

The Southern Defenders is working on building a sustainable operating model, anchored on a diversified funding base, creative programming, and partnerships with like-minded organizations in the region and beyond.

2. Oxfam in Zimbabwe

Oxfam is working to tackle the root causes of poverty in Zimbabwe. This means we are also working to reduce marginalization and helping Zimbabweans enjoy their rights so that they can lead a dignified life.

Oxfam believes in working with other international organizations and other actors throughout society to help contribute to a stronger civil society in Zimbabwe. Our work recognizes the importance of collective responsibility and is part of a broad process which supports and sustains citizen empowerment and national development.

Secure livelihoods

To help small-holder farmers, especially women and youths in program regions, to have the capacity to manage risks and to achieve food security.


To empower marginalized women and youths so that they become active citizens so that they are able to challenge unequal power relations and influence important decisions about their community’s natural and public resources.

Gender justice

To enable women to claim their rights to leadership and economic empowerment as well as their sexual and reproductive health rights.

Humanitarian response

To work with partners to respond to humanitarian crises, helping to reduce the risks faced by vulnerable households and to improve their ability to recover after a crisis has struck.

4. Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust

YETT is a youth networking organization committed to the full participation of young people in sustainable development through advocacy and capacity building of youth and youth organizations in Zimbabwe.
We exist primarily to serve the youth and youth organizations and to ensure that the youth are involved in all aspects of development without resorting to violent means

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