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Production of two short video skits on youth participation in electoral and local governance processes

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  • Production of two short video skits on youth participation in electoral and local governance processes


The Vendors Initiative for Social and Economic Transformation (VISET) is a union of vendors with structures throughout Zimbabwe. The organization was formed in 2015 to spearhead the social and economic transformation of street vendors by championing their quest to earn livelihoods in the current economic circumstances. VISET’s programmatic thrust is anchored on three pillars: (1) taking action to defend, promote and expand the rights of street vendors, (2) improve the working conditions of street vendors and (3) strengthen their capacities to trade profitably and grow their businesses. The membership of the organization is made up of street traders, SMEs, Cross Border Traders and Small Tuck-shop owners.

Young people constitute over 60% of the population in Zimbabwe and while 80 percent are unemployed. Despite the existence of progressive policies and laws, which present opportunities for youth to contribute towards democratic processes, there is limited participation of young people in national and local level decision making processes. According to the Youth Situational Analysis (YSA) that was conducted by YETT in 2019, it was noted that there is high youth unemployment and limited economic opportunity, limited youth participation in political, social and economic governance processes beyond elections1 as only 9% of respondents noted that they organized a youth event and only 13% and 6% had contacted their local authority and Member of Parliament seeking accountability respectively. Active youth engagement is mainly at the symbolic level. Limited participation of young people in policy, civic and democratic processes coupled with their exclusion from decision making positions negatively impacts their capacity to constructively engage with policy makers and government decision makers about everyday socio-economic needs, leading to spates of youth protests and violence. It is against this background that VISET seeks services of a consultant to develop 2 short video kits raising awareness on the importance of youth participation in national and local level governance processes such as the national elections and budget consultation processes. The skits should be able to generate interests amongst youth to effectively participate in the local and national level decision making processes and strengthen the capacity of young people to effectively interface with decision makers and desist adversity and violence.


The consultant is expected to:

  • Produce 2 short video skits on youth participation in national and local level governance process such elections and budget consultations.

Key Deliverables

  • Inception report with a clear plan of action
  • 2 video skits on youth participation in national and local governance processes.


The assignment shall be carried within a period of 10 days effective from the date of signing the contract.


Payment will be made upon successful completion of the assignment.

Technical requirements

Minimum 5 years’ experience and track record video production for the development sector.

To apply

Interested candidates should submit an expression of interest, detailed budget, work plan and their CVs to info@visetonline.org on or before the 20th  of September 2022. Please note that CVs will be reviewed on a rolling basis and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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